Personality Test for Tenant Screening

Personality test for tenant screening
Find out who will pay rent on time
and treat your property with respect.

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How long does it take?

You decide! Do you want a short survey covering just the essentials, or a longer one that is more comprehensive. There are 3 available versions:

8-minute version

Measures the 9 most important behaviors not covered by credit checks:

  • Respects property
  • Reports problems needing attention
  • Risk for hoarding
  • Honesty
  • Keeps expectation reasonable
  • Respects need for permission
  • State of unit upon vacating
  • Accepts eviction
  • Includes a lie detector

13-minute version

Also includes rent payment and housekeeping behaviors:

  • Everything in the 8-minute version
  • Makes paying a priority
  • Punctuality with payments
  • Takes responsibility for damages
  • Keeps unit clean
  • Goes above and beyond

18-minute version

Measures all 22 behaviors that landlords care about:

  • Everything in the 13-minute version
  • Mindful of bothering neighbors
  • Friendly with neighbors
  • Friendly with landlord
  • Cooperation
  • Temper control
  • Conscientious use of utilities
  • Aversion to theft & fraud
  • Expected length of stay

There's so much more to being a good tenant than just being able to afford rent!

Personality helps you screen for all the behaviors that cost you money, time, headaches.

Use assessment results to...

Expose red flags
Rank candidates
Set consistent standards
Increase profits
Ask targeted interview questions
Avoid headaches

What's to stop people from lying

You can include a lie detector.

How does the lie detector work?

Unlikely virtues. When a person tries to distort their answers to make themselves look good, they will claim virtues that are only true of a small percentage of people. Examples include “I never feel sad,” or “I never lie.” Ironically, a person claiming to never lie is probably lying about it! A person is flagged for claiming too many unlikely virtues.

Ways to Integrate

  1. Invite candidates to complete assessment materials on our testing platform. All device types are supported.
  2. Use our API to integrate the survey into your own website.
  3. Whitelabel assessments to offer them to your clients.

How well does it work?

We ran a validation study with 300 current tenants in 2 North American cities. Participants completed the Honest Renter Survey then anonymously reported their behaviors.

The following results compare people who scored high to people who scored low (i.e., top vs. bottom quartile on the relevant scale). High scorers were:

  • Payments: Over 5x less likely to have been contacted about past-due rent
  • Damage: 3x less likely to cause significant damage. 4x faster at reporting damage requiring attention
  • Neighborly: 3x less likely to keep neighbors up at night (e.g., loud TV or music)
  • Interactions with landlord: had 16x fewer angry outbursts, and half as many unreasonable requests
  • Housekeeping: 3x more likely to keep their living space tidy
  • Illicit activities: 3x less likely to have unauthorized additional occupants, and 18x less likely to engage in theft
  • Vacating: Over 5x more likely to leave a clean unit when vacating

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If two people are moving in together, does each person have to take it?

It’s probably a good idea to screen both people. If one person moves out, you might get stuck with the other.

What does the law say about personality tests?

When you have a personality conflict with someone, you don’t have to rent to them. In fact, personality should help comply with laws because it helps avoid discrimination on the basis of protected grounds.

Can you use it for commercial properties?

No. It was specifically designed and validated for residential tenancy situations.

Can you make one to screen landlords?

It would take a couple years of research.

When should I administer the survey?

It’s a matter of personal preference. Some customers use it as a pre-screen, only meeting with the candidates who are worth their time. Others would rather meet with the candidate first before deciding whether to invest in additional screening on that person.

Should I still run a credit report?

Yes. Credit reports & personality surveys compliment each other by drawing on different sources of evidence to help you make an informed decision. We recommend a multiple hurdle approach: run credit reports on people who pass the personality survey. That way acceptance decisions are based on both personality and credit information. At the same time, net costs go down by avoiding unnecessary credit checks.