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Partner with TESTERLY or white label our assessments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I offer TESTERLY™ assessments to my clients?

Yes. We're happy to build assessments that you can use with your clients. Please don't try to develop assessments in-house or put up with popular pseudoscience ones! All parties win - especially customers - when companies offer valid products.

Is white labelling available?

Yes. It's your choice to either use our TESTERLY brand to help sell the assessments, or you can white label the products with your own branding.

What is white labelling?

White labelling is when you put your own company's branding and logo on assessments that we develop for you. Your clients need never know that we exist.

How much does it cost?

Depends on your volume and what type of material you want to administer. We aim to keep prices at or below the cost of comparable off-the-shelf assessments. Our preference is to set a fixed fee per year or per administration to keep accounting simple.

Does TESTERLY have an API?

Yes, our API is viewable here.

Can I host the data or testing platform on my own servers?

Yes. We can offer licenses to use the testing platform code required to administer assessments.