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Career planning quiz

Take into account all the following:

RIASEC Interests - The 6 categories of interests measured by almost all other interest inventories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional.
Basic Interests - Often 6 broad categories just isn't specific enough. The 58 Basic Interests enable more precise matching. For example, they let us distinguish between scientists vs. healthcare workers, which are both "Investigative" careers.
Aspects - Each Basic Interest has about 4 aspects (categories of interest) that go into it. For example, aspects allow us to distinguish between different fields within healthcare, because doctors and healthcare aids are quite different!
Needs: Find careers that will satisfy your particular needs and priorities.
Personality: Check whether you have the personality traits associated with success in a career.
Aversion: Flag things you might prefer to avoid in a career, like angry customers or unpredictable work schedules.
Context: Additional considerations that can impact career choice, like whether a career involves public speaking.
923 careers: We match you to the most comprehensive list of careers in existence - over 923 careers listed by the US Department of Labor's O*Net service.

Most advanced matching tool in the world

Nearly all career interest tools in use today are still limited to measuring just 6 RIASEC categories. Until now, the best tools could distinguish up to ~40 categories of "basic" interest. TESTERLY pioneers a significantly improved level of accuracy because we:

  1. Cover more interests: 255 interest categories is more than 6X any other inventory
  2. Cover more types of content: Interests, personality, needs, aversions, and context.
  3. Cover more careers: All 923 careers recognized by the US Department of Labor.

Use assessment results to...

Make informed career decisions
Set targeted goals
Learn about yourself
Rank career options
Offer career guidance advice
Gather info about careers

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