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Rather than starting from scratch, we start from a position of significant advantage:

  1. Designing the construct: The first task in creating any new measure is figuring out what content to include - how the construct will overlap with and differ from other existing constructs. Having the most comprehensive content model and item pool provides a significant advantage in the construct design phase.
  2. Validation: Once a construct is designed, the next task is to establish a nomological network. Validation studies show how the construct relates to other existing measures. Having the most comprehensive pool of existing measures also provides a significant advantage during the validation phase.
  3. Experience: Expertise lets us foresee and fix most problems prior to incurring validation costs. Our exclusive focus on building measures helps us build better ones with fewer difficulties along the way.
  4. Tools of the trade: We've built our own proprietary tools for overcoming the main hurdles in assessment design and validation. For example, our research platform detects careless responding in real time and analyzes all results immediately as it comes in. The result is higher quality data and significantly reduced data analysis costs.
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