Nature of Business

TESTERLY™ is a test publisher and psychometric consulting firm. Our core business is licensing customized assessments and consulting on their use.

Area of Operation



Federally incorporated in Canada

Business Number


Head Office

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada


TESTERLY™ is trademarked in the European Union, with trademarks pending in Canada and the USA

Map to TESTERLY headquarters

About our Founder & CEO

About Us


Rhys lives in Nanaimo with his two kids (aged 4 & 12), spouse, and dog. His free time is spent playing soccer, acting (badly) in his daughter's home movies, and kayaking to nearby islands within view of his home office.


With a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, his 14-year career has focused on developing assessments for test publishers and individual clients.

Assessments developed

34Employee selection personality assessments
7Cognitive ability assessments
(includes computer adaptive ones)
5Leadership assessments
4Loan screening assessments
3Career matching assessments
1Residential tenant screening assessment

To the best of our knowledge, the number and diversity of assessments developed (listed above) is a record. You can only repeat the same inefficient process so many times before feeling compelled to improve it. The below vision is because of the above experience.

Our Vision

Bottleneck: The exorbitant cost of developing & validating quality assessments is the key bottleneck in the psychometric industry. Few companies can afford quality assessments, so the market is dominated by low-quality and pseudoscience ones.

Analogy: Cars were likewise prohibitively expensive when every part had to be custom-built from scratch. Henry Ford solved that problem by introducing standardized parts and assembly lines. Similar solutions can work similar miracles in assessment science, simultaneously increasing quality while reducing costs by orders of magnitude.

Vision: Everyone would benefit if high-quality bespoke assessments could be obtained at or below the cost of generic ones. We exist to make that vision a reality.