Custom Psychometric Assessments

Made to be your perfect fit

Testerly custom psychometric assessments

We specialize in building assessments for...

Employee Selection

Pre-Employment Testing

Hire the best people

Career Matching

Career Matching

Find your ideal career

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Find out who will pay rent on time and treat your property with respect

Leadership selection and development


Select and develop leadership talent



Reduce default rates and application costs

Research and validation


Free for use in research and validation studies

Our Competitive Advantage

Comprehensive content model: We spent years producing a comprehensive model of all traits, competencies, interests, and attitudes in use today. If the content exists anywhere, we probably have it available.

World's largest item pool: Our pool of 6590 items is double the size of the next largest item pool - the International Personality Item Pool (3302 items). For most projects, we already have the desired items developed, validated, and ready to use.


Compared to off-the-shelf assessments, customized ones are:


Eliminating irrelevant content reduces administration time.

More valid

The comprehensive content pool lets you include everything important.


To make cars affordable, Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry by introducing standardized parts and the first assembly lines. We're bringing a similar innovation to the assessment industry.


Traditionally, only the largest companies could afford customized assessments. The above-described innovation disrupts that status quo, allowing us to make customized assessments available at lower costs than comparable off-the-shelf ones.

Why We Exist

Background: Our CEO is an Assessment Scientist with a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. His 14-year career has focused exclusively on developing assessments for test publishers and individual clients. TESTERLY™ grew out of that consulting business, specifically to solve the main problem facing clients.

Problem: The problem is that developing high-quality assessments using traditional from-scratch methods is painfully slow and prohibitively expensive. So most companies don't bother. Most use low-quality off-the-shelf tools. Many popular tools are little better than pseudoscience.

Solution: Just like standardization revolutionized car-making, we are using it to revolutionize the assessment industry. It both improves quality while reducing costs by orders of magnitude.

Mission: To provide bespoke assessments at or below the cost of generic ones.

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